Chibithulhu (Chibi Cthulhu) Etched Glass


Chibithulhu (Chibi Cthulhu) Etched Glass CD-001

A cute, snuggly Old One from beyond the edge of time and space, just for you! Evil cuteness in cup form can now adorn your kitchen or display cabinet for just the low-low price of your soul (plus a $29.99 handling fee...)

This listing is for a green-bottomed regular drinking glass. If you would prefer to purchase a goblet, tumbler, pint glass, growler, vase, or any other style of glass, just send me a message!

I LOVE glass etching, but it is hard work, and it is dangerous! It's a combination of traditional art (each design must be hand drawn), paper art (the design needs to then be cut out very meticulously with a super sharp blade), and chemistry (the etching acid must be applied to the glass, which melts away a part of the glass itself and leaves the etched design). Each glass takes me at least an hour from start to finish, with more complex designs (such as the Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom) taking MUCH longer. The result is breathtaking, food-safe, dishwasher safe, permanent, and totally worth every minute of my hard work.

Don’t like the design or type of glass? I am more than happy to create custom etched glasses, goblets, mugs, vases, or anything you can think of as long as it's glass! Simply send me a message and we’ll work something out.

$29.99 In stock