Custom Hand Painted Norse/Nordic Glass Rune Set


Custom Hand Painted Norse/Nordic Glass Rune Set R-001

These custom runes are strikingly beautiful and wonderfully unique. Each set is made of 24 individually hand painted glass cabochon beads, plus one clear bead to represent the "unknown." The paint is a kiln-fired enamel (the same as on the bottom of our etched glassware), and each rune is sealed with clear epoxy making them 100% water proof. You can choose any color listed in our "Available Colors" image for either the background or the rune itself. You can also add a second color if you want your runes to be half one color and half another color. For an additional fee, I also I make hand-sewn drawstring pouches with liners to store them. Order your custom handmade runes today!

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Available Colors Examples With Background Colors Pouch